Live Beautiful


3 Tips On How To Age Backwards Like J Lo

By Dr. Myla Today more than ever, women are in active pursuit of eternal youth.  Our favorite celebs have been battling the signs of aging and ...
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Picture 102

From The Pros: Celeb Skin-Care Goddess Mamie McDonald

 THE PRO:    Mamie McDonald THE BACKGROUND: Skin expert to clients like Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Iman; Owner, Skin-Mamie's Skin Care ...
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Picture 101

What I’m Loving

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief One of my favorite compliments is when someone tells me that I smell good.  Since my high school days, I've put ...
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Professional Make-up. Makeup. Lipgloss. Lipstick Brush. Sexy and

From Office Chic to Happy Hour Hottie: Simple Tips and Tools

Happy Hour can often be the best part of the day for we Single ladies.  But sometimes hanging out immediately after work can be difficult if you ...
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Fresh Organic Greek Yogurt With Strawberries

5 Tasty Healthy Snacks

 Have you ever been so hungry at work or somewhere far from home and your only resource is that vending machine filled with candy and sugar ...
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andrea fairweather

From The Pros: Celebrity Make Up Artist Andrea Fairweather!

THE PRO:  Andrea Fairweather THE BACKGROUND:  Celebrity make up artist, Owner-Fairweather Faces RECOMMENDATIONS:  Benefit's Dr. ...
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Driving Her Crazy

Quick Fixes For Those Stubborn Greys!

By Krystal Johnson Ladies we all have them, those little prickly extra fine gray hairs that you notice almost always at the absolute wrong ...
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Fit Factory Fab! S&LF hosts it’s first event!!!

By Jacque Reid This weekend I was excited to host my first event!  I partnered with my trainer and friend, Coach Jaz and ...
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LOS ANGELES - DEC 12:  Aubrey Plaza & Lena Dunham arrives to the

**Meaningful Monday** Be Phenomenally Phenomenal!

By Jacque Reid It broke my heart to hear that poet, activist and author Maya Angelou had died.  I did not know her personally, but I did ...
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Green drink

**Fit Factory Friday** Need Some Energy?

By Coach Jaz Managing my Fit Factory NYC gym, teaching classes and coaching clients everyday takes a lot of energy.  My days usually begins ...
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