Single Moms’ Child Support Mistakes

It's not news that being a single mom can be tough, especially the financial challenge. But there may be a way to ease the burden if you are ...
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Live Beautiful and Stylish at Every Age!

At some point, most women will reach the age when we say to ourselves, “Am I too old to wear that?” While you want to be mindful of what ...
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Being Mary Jane

Don’t wait for the series (coming in 2014)! Tune in to BET now and watch the network movie, Being Mary Jane. The film, in rotation now, stars ...
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Find Out What Singlism Is All About

Single, But Not Alone

If you’re not happy with the fact that you are single, a big part of the reason may be society’s perception of you. We singles often encounter ...
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Single Mom By Choice

I'll give you 5 minutes. Exactly 5 minutes after meeting Jacqui Stafford you will realize you adore her! Not only does the fashion editor, style ...
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Use It Or Lose It!

It is not uncommon for single girls to take a time out from sex when in between relationships, but going too long without any, well..."activity" ...
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Beauty and the Brow

I love a perfect brow. Most of us aren't born with them, but here is where the phrase "fake it until you make it" comes into play. Check out this ...
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Fitness Jumpstart

You may feel like we are too far into Summer to try to improve your figure, but when I recently met and interviewed The Biggest Loser coach Bob ...
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