Have you ever been so hungry at work or somewhere far from home and your only resource is that vending machine filled with candy and sugar loaded snacks? Without hesitating, you grab the first item that catches your attention not noting the nutritional facts.  Single women on the go have hectic schedules and tend to eat whatever we find and unfortunately most of the time they are tasty, but not healthy. There are many choices that can be tasty, easy and most importantly healthy for you. Here are five examples to help you look fabulous.


Greek Yogurt: Yogurt in general provides a good amount of your daily intake amount of vitamin C and calcium. Greek yogurt in particular provides you with an excellent amount of protein and low fat per serving. Feel free to add fresh fruit flavor with less sugar, or Chia seeds for a healthy crunch.  You can also have it frozen for a summer cool snack.

Fruits and Nuts: A personal favorite, this combination gives you a fair amount of your daily macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates.) Fruits will keep you full because of the amount of carbohydrates it contains, providing at the same time fiber. Nuts and seeds contain an abundance of healthy fats and good amount of protein. ¼ cup of peanuts will give you around 16g of fat and 8g of protein. Pair with a banana or an apple for a great snack

1 Cup of Vegetable Juice: Options such as V8;or a protein smoothie  are good antioxidant and protein sources.

 Low-fat cheese slices or string cheese or low-fat cottage cheese: These options are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins.

Protein Bars:  Protein bars such as  the  Luna Protein bar contain less than 200 calories and you get about 15g of protein from each bar.  Be mindful of the how much sugar is in there.


 Consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any meal plan.