By Tabitha Corley

There is nothing wrong with getting hot sweaty on the first date, or even the third or fourth… with fun fitness dates of course! Going out on a fit date can be exciting and healthy in more ways than one. One of the perks is that It is an easy way to open up and show off your killer curves in cute active wear. In the words of Dr. Theresa E. DiDonato from Psychology Today  “couples that sweat together, stay together,” which is the title of her article. She also explained that working out together offers benefits such as increased happiness in your relationship, more efficient workouts and a deeper and bond between you and your partner. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with the traditional dinner and a movie date, but in those settings sometimes you really can’t let loose and be yourself. On fitness dates you can be as playful and competitive as you want, which can be thrilling. So with that being said, here are five fit and fun date ideas you should try.

Skate Date
Cue the Vaughan Mason and Crew “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” song that is played at almost every adult skate night across America. What is there not to like about skating and grooving to some of your favorite throwback jams? It is a fun activity that can even take you back to childhood and have you both reminiscing on good times while incorporating physical fitness, and possibly falling on your face in good fun.


Fight with Color
Paintballing can be one of those activities where you are not aware of how much of cardio you are getting while having so much fun. Think about it. You are running around dodging paintballs in suits and all the paintball gear. You could also make this a double date and bring along your coupled up friends to really add to the rivalry by going boys vs. girls or couple on couple.

Go for a Ride
Going for a nice leisurely bike ride through your neighborhood or for a more competitive and physical edge, cycling can be a nice date. According to Fitness Magazine, biking targets your hips, glutes and quadriceps, which are your biggest muscles. They also mention that biking at a recreational pace (13 to 15 mph) makes you burn 500 to 600 calories in an hour. That’s not too bad for a few pedals and laughs with your date. You could even try out the double-seated bike or tandem to make things more fun. Just be sure to try to hold your balance.

And We’re Rowing…
Going partner kayaking on a date allows you to actually get in sync with your partner in more ways than one. To go anywhere, you both have to synchronize your rows. This opens up the door for communication, unless you want to be at a standstill going in circles in both your relationship and during your date. Who wants to waste time like that? Kayaking also allows you to improve your upper body. Along with coordination, kayaking allows the both of you to strengthen your upper body.

Boogie Down
On the dance floor is where a lot of connections happen, especially when you groove with someone you have interest in.  Taking part in dance classes or going out to clubs with an active dance floor can be a fun way to dance off calories. It is also another great way increase the amount of communication between you two. Nobody wants to get his or her toes stepped on or put in an awkward stance while dancing. Slow ballroom dancing, line dancing, salsa dancing, or street dancing can all be fun ways to let loose on the dance floor while on a date.

Another great thing about fit dates is that they end with both of you feeling great and in bliss. Instead of opting for a sit-down or fast-food restaurant, why not go to a juice bar or munch on healthy snacks to seal the deal after a successful date and workout? What are some fun and fit dates you’ve been on?